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Article: 𓆣 InsectCity 𓆦

𓆣 InsectCity 𓆦

𓆣 InsectCity 𓆦


Illustrations made for curuba 

Have you ever sat down to detail everything around you? Have you carefully seen the shapes that are drawn in the sky thanks to the clouds? Or have you detailed how light enters through the window of your room at sunset?


Within our daily life there are some companions that are often ignored, either because their size turns out to be almost insignificant in light of our individuality or simply because their appearance sometimes arouses unfounded fears that we have collected since we were little.


These beings are not only of vital importance in all the development of our lives, some are pollinators, like moths and bees, and others control pests, like cockroaches and ladybugs; but they also enjoy a beauty that is normally ignored by human beings.


Insectcity was created precisely as an ode to insects, its creative process meant being able to challenge the traditional stigmas that insects have and being able to enhance the beauty of beings that for us can arouse a bit of fear. This ode is accompanied with the intention of remembering the small forgotten beings and thus showing their importance in our day to day.


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Los felicito, porque por medio de sus diseños, están dándole un reconocimiento a estos olvidados e ignorados seres, que son tan importantes para muchos ecosistemas, además resalto la materia prima para la elaboración de sus prendas con materiales reciclados.

Jacquelin Rodriguez

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