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❁ About us:

Founded in 2018 from the avant-garde vision of creative director Yeisson Rubiano, CRBA is the current acronym for Curuba, a well-established "Made in Bogotá" brand in the new luxury sector.

CRBA, a knitwear brand based in Bogotá, has spent the last five years telling stories through our exceptional pieces. We take deep pride in being part of the city's rich textile tradition, thus contributing to its cultural identity and the historical legacy of Bogotá fashion.

What sets us apart and drives our passion is the connection between our creations and the stories each one tells. This lends special meaning to each garment, reflecting experiences that breathe life into our narrative. Curuba's collections also aim to deconstruct preconceived binary concepts and question their relationship with the body, celebrating self-expression in the name of gender equality.

Local production is fundamental to us, as it reflects our commitment to the city and its rich textile heritage. We are deeply proud to be part of Bogotá and recognize the integral role that knitwear has played in its fashion history.

We bear Bogotá's identity through design as a manifestation of art and creativity. Our purpose goes beyond preservation; we seek to enrich this tradition, ensuring that our garments transcend as symbols of elegance and authenticity.

A combination of avant-garde aesthetic language with a craft vision. Synonymous with the tangled modern life, Curuba is the Bogotan style made knitwear, distinguished by being unique and limited pieces. The obsession with quality and exceptional attention to detail demonstrate that Curuba is an excellent ally for the curious and detail-oriented.

We understand that being a sustainable brand is a commitment that goes beyond words; it involves small acts built over time that, when combined, can achieve positive change in what we do and how we do it. Curuba emerges in response to the need to create a fashion market based on social, economic, and environmental principles. Each piece is manufactured under quality standards that measure environmental impacts at different stages of production.

In terms of raw materials, we strive to use materials with organic components or synthetic fibers that can be recycled and have the least environmental impact in their production process.

At CRBA, we not only strive to offer unique and quality pieces but also commit to contributing positively to the world around us by preserving our textile traditions and promoting sustainable practices in the fashion industry.