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A tribute to the flowers of the vine that hung from the roof of the garden of the designer and creative director Yeisson Rubiano, it is an evocation of the memories of the plants with which he grew up in the garden of his grandparents' home, materializing a memory and a passion in exclusive high quality pieces.

"Paying homage to plants through clothing becomes a statement, each body has a story to tell and each piece is part of its history"

All the pieces are a combination of an avant-garde aesthetic language with a vision of craftsmanship. Synonymous with the tangled modern life, each CURUBA collection is distinguished by being unique and limited pieces. The obsession for quality and exceptional attention to detail show that CURUBA is a wonderful ally for the curious and detail-oriented.

 Curuba's collections propose to deconstruct preconceived binary concepts and question the relationship of these concepts with the body, celebrating self-expression in the name of gender equality.

Making a positive social impact in daily life

CURUBA emerges from the need to create a fashion market that is based on social, economic and environmental principles. Each piece is manufactured under quality standards that measure the environmental impacts in the different phases of its production. We work with our suppliers to develop a supply chain in which fair trade is respected and promoted.