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EL CUERPO DEL DESEO - C R B A ®  s t u d i o
comercio justo


The story of Gala and Salvador Dalí has ​​always deeply captivated me. Seeing how he painted her naked in his works, presenting her as the body of desire, left me speechless. It was as if Gala embodied all the passion and lust that Dalí had within his creative mind.

Inspired by this unique connection between art and desire, I decided to use Gala's body as a reference to create a painting. I opted for mosaic art, piece by piece, building a portrait that honored the beauty of the muse and the intensity of her presence.

Once the mosaic was finished, I decided to take my creativity a step further and paint the final piece. I used bright colors and bold strokes to capture the passion that emanated from Dalí's works. I wanted my creation to be a celebration of art and the muse that had inspired the surrealist genius.

The resulting piece became a jewel of the deconfiguration collection. Every time I looked at it, I could feel the magic of the art and Gala's presence in every detail. My work became a tribute to the muse and creativity that Dalí unleashed on the world.

Gala's legacy lives on through my artwork, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to pay tribute to her beauty and influence. I hope that my work also provokes emotions and raises questions in those who observe it, just as the paintings of Salvador Dalí and his inspiring muse did.


Hermoso el concepto amo la marca!


Que interesante contenido! espero ver más pronto.


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