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Article: Exploring the textile universe an Inspiration for curuba

Explorando el universo textil una Inspiración para curuba

Exploring the textile universe an Inspiration for curuba

In the panorama of Latin American contemporary art, few artists have influenced my work as much as Olga de Amaral. Born in Bogotá in 1932, this talented Colombian artist has left an indelible mark on the art world through her innovative exploration of the textile medium. Olga de Amaral's work has been a constant source of inspiration for me, especially in my journey with Curuba.

An interest in fabric and texture dates back to her formative years, but it was during her time at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in the United States, during the 1950s, that she began to forge her own artistic path. Olga de Amaral's work, with its unique fusion of tradition and experimentation, resonated deeply with me. Her creations challenge the traditional conventions of textile art, and her deep connection to Colombian culture inspired me to explore my own roots in my work.

One of the most distinctive features of Olga de Amaral's work is her bold use of color and texture. His monumental pieces, with richly textured surfaces, invite the viewer to a tactile exploration. This sensitivity to color and texture has been a direct influence for me in Curuba. We strive to capture that same boldness and vitality in our creations, always seeking to surprise and captivate our audience.

In addition to her visually striking work, Olga de Amaral has also been an influential figure in promoting contemporary art in Colombia and throughout Latin America. Her legacy as a teacher and her participation in national and international exhibitions have contributed significantly to raising the profile of textile art around the world.

At Curuba, we find inspiration in the trajectory and innovative approach of Olga de Amaral. Our brand seeks to fuse traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, creating unique pieces that reflect Colombia's rich textile heritage. Amaral's influence can be seen in the boldness of our designs, the attention to detail and the artisanal quality that characterizes our creations.

Olga de Amaral's textile universe is a place of wonder and discovery. Through his technical innovation and deep roots in Colombian culture, Amaral has created a body of work that transcends borders and defies expectations. Her legacy will live on as a testament to the power of art to connect, inspire and transform, and for us at Curuba, her influence will continue to be a source of continued inspiration as we journey through the world of knitting.

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