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//--//--// - C R B A ยฎ  s t u d i o

๐“€  Solitude ๐“€ก

It's an invitation to explore our deepest emotions, to immerse ourselves in the very essence that inspires it. It beckons us to be authentic, to feel without reservation, and to delve into those feelings that lie within us. It's a journey into introspection, where we discover the richness of our emotional world, shedding masks and allowing our true emotions to flourish and express themselves freely. In this immersion into solitude, we find connection with ourselves and understand the depth of our internal experiences. It invites us to embrace our sadness, joys, fears, and longings, thus enriching our lives with liberating authenticity.
It's a collection that arises from personal reflection, from the search for beauty in individuality, and from inspiration drawn from objects that have been companions along the way.

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