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Article: ♡ Small actions that lead us in search of the path to sustainability. ♡

♡ Pequeñas acciones que nos llevan en busca del camino a la sostenibilidad. ♡
comercio justo

♡ Small actions that lead us in search of the path to sustainability. ♡

We know that being a sustainable brand is a commitment that goes beyond words, they are small acts that are built over time and that together can achieve a positive change in what we do and how we do it:

Zero waste pattern making in knitted fabric allows us to minimize the waste of materials since its production technique only develops the pattern without extra waste or waste.

We try and try to achieve the use of materials that have organic components or synthetic fibers that can be recycled and that in their production process have the least environmental impact.

Our packaging is designed to be reusable, we have cotton canvas bags that allow the buyer to make a diverse and responsible disposal of their use.

We are committed to high quality and have highly durable garments, we try every day to improve our production processes under our sustainability traceability system. this in order to learn over time and strongly build a brand that cares about the environment.

And finally we call on all our valued Curubeñ@s, to buy quality garments that affect the environment in the least and support the product of the national industry in order to strengthen those small businesses that daily make the change like us


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