Making a positive social impact in daily life ♡

Do you know the impact that the fashion market has on the environment and on the working conditions of the people who work in this industry?

The fashion industry is one of those with the most international reach; currently, close to 5% of world trade is concentrated in the fashion market. Similarly, for 2016, exports in the textile industry reached about 655 billion dollars.

However, the growth of this market and the appearance of fast fashion have brought negative impacts both on the environment and on the working conditions of the people who work in this industry.

Fast fashion refers to the large volumes of clothing produced by the fashion industry, based on trends and an invented need for innovation, which contributes to putting millions of garments on the market and encouraging accelerated substitution among consumers. from your personal inventory

Brands like Zara, H&M, Bershka; They have been the subject of controversy due to the working conditions of almost slavery where their workers, mostly located in third world countries, receive a minimum payment even without decent working conditions.

Similarly, the fast fashion market is one of the most polluting in the world, only the production of clothing represents 10% of CO2 emissions globally, the manufacture of clothing involves the use of highly harmful chemicals for human health , which are released into rivers and other bodies of water.

Taking into account all the negative impacts that the fashion industry has on the environment and its suppliers, Curuba emerges from the need to create a fashion market that is based on social, economic and environmental principles. Each piece is manufactured under quality standards that measure the environmental impacts in the different phases of its production. We work with our suppliers to develop a supply chain in which fair trade is respected and promoted. This is why our motto is Making a positive social impact in daily life, because we firmly believe that the fashion market must be aware of the impacts that it can have in order to minimize them.

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